What Does it Cost to
Remove a Tree?


What does it cost to remove a tree? 

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of the removal of a tree. When an arborist visits your property, they will evaluate all the factors that will affect the cost. Some of these include the size and species of the tree. Obviously the size of the tree is going to greatly affect the amount of time it will take to dismantle the tree. Beyond that: is the tree alive, is it in decline, has it been dead for quite some time and therefore extremely brittle? What is surrounding the tree? Is it next to your house? Is it surrounded by delicate landscaping? Can it be accessed by equipment?  Is it an emergency? Is there poison ivy completely covering the tree? These are just some of the many questions an arborist may ask when determining the cost of tree removal. 

Behind the scenes, there are even more factors to consider. What is the cost of insurance for the employees? How many people are available to do the work? What is the cost of the truck, chipper, and tools necessary? What is an appropriate wage to employ skilled efficient valuable employees? 

All of these factors must be taken into account when giving you a quote. It is not as simple as knowing the diameter and height of the tree. Safety is the number one goal for New Urban Forestry. When we give you a quote, it is with safety and efficiency in mind. 

New Urban Forestry strives to provide safe, affordable tree removal to Athens, Oconee, Gainesville, Northeast Georgia and beyond.