Tree Service | Athens and Watkinsville GA

New Urban Forestry provides commercial and residential tree removal, tree and shrub pruning,
tree preservation, tree risk assessment and tree health services. We can help you protect your trees and your property.

Our ISA-Certified Arborists assist homeowners and tree managers to reduce tree risks and
improve tree and shrub health. We have the knowledge to implement the “Best Management
Practices” for trees and shrubs based on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300
standards for arboriculture.

New Urban Forestry also protects our customers, our employees, our community and environment. We carry $1,000,000 liability insurance to protect customer property. We train our employees about safe work practices and comply with the ANSI Z133.1 safety standards. In the event of injury, all of our employees are covered by a complete Worker’s Compensation policy. You will see us at school events, at the Tree Fair, on the ACC Tree Council and volunteering around Athens. New Urban Forestry also recycles 100% of its wood waste into mulch to grow more trees. We sell this material very cheap to keep Athens’ urban tree canopy vigorous.

Our Complete List of Professional Services Includes:

Tree Removal

  • Safely perform complete tree removals and clean-up: climbing, crane, and aerial lift removals

Pruning Services

  • Remove dead, weak, and hazardous limbs
  • Reduce limbs away from wires, houses, gutters, etc
  • Create better tree structure to reduce damage from storms and ice
  • Thin branches to increase light and air penetration
  • Shape canopy
  • Repair crown of topped trees
  • Train young trees

Storm Damage Repair

  • Remove Hazardous trees and limbs: Emergency services available
  • Remove fallen limbs to allow road and driveway access

Cabling & Bracing

  • Install support systems (cabling, bracing, etc) to mitigate risk to property and to protect valuable specimens from wind and storm damage

Tree Management Plans
  •  Inventory tree assets for golf courses, municipalities, universities and businesses
  •  Assess and prioritize risk, mitigations and cost
  • Work with land manager to establish goals and budget for management plan

  • Pre & Post Construction Consultation & Repair

    • Communicate with client and builder to provide a plan to locate and protect valuable and desirable tree specimens
    • Implement plan to minimize damage to trees during construction or landscaping
    • Repair damage to trees after construction, including fertilization, ground aeration, and pruning
    • Correct grading problems to minimize soil compaction and root damage

    Plant Health Care & Fertilization

    •  Improve availability of water, nutrients, and oxygen to tree roots using radial trenching, surface fertilization, irrigation and mulching
    • Assess insect, fungal and other diseases for integrated management strategies

    Additional Services

    •  Invasive plant clearing
    •  Tree planting
    •  Land clearing