Tree Service | Athens and Watkinsville GA

New Urban Forestry’s mission is to create a best tree and shrub management and maintenance plan to assist our customers in meeting their goals of risk reduction, tree, shrub, and forest health, and tree and shrub preservation.  Managing, or maintaining,  our environment and our trees are fundamental in the goal of preserving them. It’s important that you maintain and manage the trees around your property to minimize stress, increase tree and shrub vigor, and reduce risk and property damage.

At New Urban Forestry we provide commercial and residential tree services from tree removal, tree pruning, tree cabling, tree planting, tree risk assessment, and tree health care to consulting.

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Our Complete List of Professional Services Includes:

Tree Removal

  • Safely perform complete tree removals and clean-up

Pruning Services

  • Precisely remove dead, weak, and hazardous limbs
  • Remove limbs interfering with wires, houses, gutters, etc
  • Create better tree structure to lessen wind resistance and potential storm damage
  • Thin branches to increase light and air penetration
  • Shape canopy
  • Repair crown of topped trees
  • Train young trees

Storm Damage Repair

  • Remove Hazardous trees and limbs
  • Remove fallen limbs to allow road and driveway access

Cabling & Bracing

  • Install static and dynamic support systems (cabling, bracing, etc) to protect mature and valuable specimens from wind and storm damage

Pre & Post Construction Consultation & Repair

  • Communicate with client and builder to provide a plan to locate and protect valuable and desirable tree specimens
  • Implement plan to minimize damage to trees during construction or landscaping
  • Repair damage to trees after construction, including fertilization, ground aeration, and pruning
  • Correct grading problems to minimize soil compaction and root damage

Plant Health Care & Fertilization

  • Diagnose trees and shrubs to locate and eliminate insect, fungal, and disease problems
  • Fertilize with mineral, mycorrhizol, and nutrient injection

Additional Services

  • Lot and Land Clearing
  • Insect and Disease Control
  • Drought Mitigation