Athens GA Mulch Supply and Delivery

Mulch is a great addition to flower beds, gardens, pathways, trails and landscaping.  Our mulch is aged and processed and comes from all-natural hardwood local sources and is beneficial to gardens and soil.

We are your source for Athens mulch supply.

  • Great for landscaping and play grounds
  • The texture is great for slopes and looks great
  • Our mulch helps moderate soil temperature
  • Conserves moisture
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Prevents soil erosion

Athens GA Mulch Supply

We also provide wood chips for bigger projects.

Our single ground mulches are shredded just once to create a larger chips for more texture and traction. These types of chips are best used for larger areas that need covering, woodland walkways and types of erosion control.

We deliver our mulches in bulk in and around Athens and Watkinsville GA! 

Price for our all natural mulch is only:

  • Double ground mulch:
    Residential: Minimum delivery 5 cubic yards.
    $15.00/yard on volumes between 5-20 yards.
    $65 delivery fee
    Volumes between 20-40 is 15/yard delivered.

  • Mulch in a landscaped bed.

    Mulch in a landscaped bed.

    Wood Chips:
    Residential: Minimum delivery 10 cubic yards
    $65.00 delivery fee
    Volumes between 20 and 40 yards are 11/yard delivered.

    For volumes greater than 40 cubic yards, please contact us for bulk pricing.

closeup of mulch

Closeup of mulch


Call 706-621-0984 or email for mulch inquiries and additional pricing.